Technologies & Applications


Heat Spreading Technologies

J R Thermal’s heat spreading technologies are designed to passively move heat to a beneficial location within a system and protect vital components from exceeding temperature limitations. These heat spreading technologies are useful for applications involving several watts to hundreds of kilowatts. Some of the features we can include are:

  • Long distance heat transport, tens of meters possible
  • Low profile, down to several millimeters
  • Low temperature pacification & precise temperature control
  • Simplified piping and packaging for fluid-to-fluid heat exchange
  • Cost effective implementation that can leverage commonly used manufacturing methods
  • High reliability

Our heat spreading technologies have applications in enterprise electronics, power electronics and energy storage, as well as motor and generator thermal management.

In 2019, J R Thermal is working to launch a high performance cooling solution for the PC gaming market.

Heat Recovery Technologies

J R Thermal’s heat recovery technologies are designed to recover and reuse wasted heat when packaging, costs, and energy consumption are important. Our technologies include compact air-to-air heat exchangers and advanced vapor compression systems, as well as innovative system integration and process flow concepts.

Our heat recovery technologies have applications in many drying and dehumidification systems, including vented clothes dryers, condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, dehumidifiers, direct expansion systems and more.