Leadership Team

Jeremy Rice, Ph.D.


As president of J R Thermal, Jeremy is responsible for identifying opportunities and pain points that can be addressed with technological solutions. Jeremy brings over 10 years of R&D experience in heat and mass transfer systems, with a successful track record of making innovations a reality. Prior to founding J R Thermal, he worked as a mechanical engineer at Google, in their platforms infrastructure group. There he led several projects, ranging from chip-to-chiller numerical models to cutting edge thermal management products in use on their servers and in their data centers. As an innovator, he takes a comprehensive view of a problem while evaluating and selecting an effective solution approach. Once an approach is chosen, he takes pride in ensuring its successful execution.

Jeremy received his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Mechanical Engineering, with a concentration in the thermo-fluids sciences. While there, his research areas included heat pipes, direct methanol fuel cells and rotational film cooling. He is the leading author of 7 journal papers and is an inventor with 5 granted US patents.

Oscar Martinez

Vice President

Oscar is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and meeting new people. He handles the financial and business development functions and is adept at dealing with Fortune 500 companies.

With a dynamic background, Oscar approaches his role at J R Thermal with an open mind and is ready to move in a number of different directions at a moment’s notice. From performing experiments on clothes dryers to communicating with potential partners, Oscar aligns his interests and efforts with those of J R Thermal and its licensing partners.